Services – Interior Design…

1. Getting to Know Each Other

During our first meeting we will discuss in detail your personal taste and preferences whilst establishing an idea of your budget; leading onto a visit of your property to get a real feel of the space and light of the place.

2. Getting Started

Depending on the scale of your project, we will draw up a personalised contract that will include a detailed description of the necessary work needed to carry out your project allowing us to move forwards.

3. Team Brainstorming

Now that we are getting to know each other better, we can start working on the design concept; the sketches; the layout, elevation and section plans; 3D visuals when necessary; the colour schemes; research of materials; electricity, lighting, plumbing, joinery drawings; bringing your project together and to life until every little detail is approved.

4. Soft Furnishing and Furniture

Working together, we will decide on the style of furniture and choice of fabrics to fit your newly renovated home. These propositions will be presented on mood boards for each room of your house/apartment allowing us to quote for the whole project.

5. Ordering and Delivering

Once the quotes have been approved, a very precise ordering process will begin. We will meticulously follow every order and delivery to assure the best service in the scheduled time delay.

6. Getting it Together

The delivery date is coordinated closely with our partners to install furniture, lightings, curtains, and soft furnishings, allowing us, during this moment, time to work on the details of putting together your beautiful new home.

We add the finishing touches by sourcing home accessories and if needed, artwork too. We are here to accompany you if you need any recommendations.


We are qualified interior designers and architects and we have a close working relationship with reputed contractors and engineers. We use AutoCAD for our architectural plans, hand drawn perspectives and 3D renders to better visualise our plans for your project.


We work with you to tailor each project to suit your needs. This would include regular meetings to discuss development of ideas, drawings and concept boards, choice of materials. We then fully manage the project through to completion.


We organise site surveys by qualified surveyors and civil engineers. We will then prepare all relevant documentation, plans and drawings for building permits and liaise with local authorities.


Together we will discuss all aspects of the proposal and determine whether any amendments should be made. When all aspects of the project have been agreed, we will prepare a full design proposal comprising a complete set of plans and detailed drawings including lighting plans, joinery details, colour schemes etc. A specification of fittings, furniture and finishes will also be produced along with our quote and a set of estimates from the contractors.

Project Management…

As project managers, we will be conducting and coordinating the work: follow ups, quality control, regular budget management, scheduled payments and site meetings. We are also there to act as a go-between you, the client, and the subcontractors, assisting you with understanding the intricacies of their quotes and specifications.


We will manage the project through to completion, including making sure that all the final details on the snagging list are to your satisfaction.


The fees for doing the above are calculated as a percentage of the budget.

Studio – Showroom

Interieur Sud, in Cannes, is a reflection of the soul of it’s owners and founders, Geraldine Darlington and Pia Karlsson, established since 1991.
An eclectic, chic and beautiful space in the heart of Cannes only moments away from the Croisette and the Rue d’Antibes, Interieur Sud has an amazing collection of diverse pieces.

Meet The Team

  • Geraldine Darlington
    Geraldine Darlington Co-founder and Owner Interior Designer
  • Pia Karlsson
    Pia Karlsson Co-founder and Owner Interior Designer
  • Kathryn Cook
    Kathryn Cook Assistant Interior Designer to Geraldine Darlington
  • Liudmila Belkova
    Liudmila Belkova Assistant Interior Designer to Pia Karlsson
  • Caroline FitzGerald
    Caroline FitzGerald Interior Designer
  • Alexandra Bechlitch
    Alexandra Bechlitch Architect
  • Jean Claude Truc
    Jean Claude Truc Architectural Draughtsman
  • Samantha Roquelaure
    Samantha Roquelaure Interior Architect
  • Christine Schul
    Christine Schul Accountant
  • Christine Soyez
    Christine Soyez Shop Floor Manager

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